Gender Inequality Between Women And Women Essay

717 Words Jul 9th, 2016 3 Pages
Women for generations have always been perceived to be inferior to men due to male dominance in patriarchal societies. women have only recently become socially accepted and slowly have been gaining more rights such as the right to vote during woman 's suffrage. yet still to this day, women still suffer due to the gap between the two genders. Male dominance has been very common in most societies for generations. due to the fact women have been fighting for their rights for the past hundred years, there has been some progress however, even today there is gender inequality. For instance, women tend to have lower wages compared to men in the workplace. Even though both genders have the exact same job, women are less likely to demand higher wages because of the prevailing communication style difference that is evidenced in the genders. Men are more valued and trusted compared to women which is why these issues arise. Another issue that is a major problem in society today is beauty standards. since the arrival of social media women are more pressured to look a certain way compared to men. due to this issue more cases of unhealthy diets and disorders such as bulimia and anorexia have been observed. The constant advertising of women with perfect bodies has nearly brainwashed both men and women alike that all women must match up to these beauty standards. Women who tend to defy the stereotypical beauty standard are often ridiculed and taunted until they conform to them.…

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