Essay about Gender Inequality And Sex Discrimination

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While major strides have been made in the past century in the area of gender inequality/sex discrimination; gender inequality continues to be a major focus of concern. Some of the crucial accomplishments, in the arena and the overall climate on women’s equality, were attained because of the women’s movement of the 60s and 70s. Some of these changes can also be attributed to anti-discriminatory practices against minorities such as the abolition of slavery and the amendments giving minorities the right to work and vote. These amendments, of the late 1800s, brought about the right to vote for women in the 1920s through the ratification of the nineteenth amendment, which is considered an iconic event in the effort to obtain women’s equality. Women’s Equality continues to be a topic of major importance because of its effect on a wide array of issues. If women continue to receive lesser positions, salaries, opportunities, and are subjected to roles of a sexual nature; entire communities will be impacted with issues of poverty and lack of talent in the business industry.
While groundbreaking events prove advancements in the area, our research will pose the importance of a continued focus and efforts to obtain a balance between genders and will highlight the still prevalent discrepancies in the topic of equality between men and women.
Brief History of Women and The Workplace Women in the workplace have changed quite a bit throughout the years and women have gone through quite the…

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