Gender, Ethnicity, Religion, Or Race? Essay

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As children, we do not see differences in class, ethnicity, religion, or race, but only differences in character. Character, the only characteristic of humans that truly defines who they are is all a child focuses on. Yet, millions of innocent people were forced into slavery for multiple generations, millions of innocent people were murdered in the Holocaust, millions of innocent people were not allowed to vote due to gender, and millions of people are not able to marry their loved ones because of who they love. What causes this change in mentality of an entire society between the adolescent years and adulthood? The “American Dream” provides some insight into why this occurs. Since the dawn of the nation as a country we tried to be as best as we could. Yes, at first this was a good thing, but our goals became convoluted and we began focusing on the wrong aspects of life. The continual neglect of low socioeconomic classes and minorities in causes them to be ¨more likely to have high blood pressure and frequent periods of increased heart rate, which contribute to a higher mortality rate¨ (Marsh, Jason). Discrimination towards minorities and lower class citizens does not only damage their spirits, but also damages their physical well-being. If it is necessary to force an entire race into slavery or deny human rights to individuals for their gender in order to become successful, no success is really being made. Success is not the advancement of the white male through society,…

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