Essay on Gender Equality, By Charlotte Gilman And Simone De Beauvoir

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Gender appears to be a concept that is either black or white – but in actuality is a very controversial area of analysis. For hundreds of years gender and gender equality have been a topic of interest. Today, the interest has grown and spread to various social media platforms with an emphasis on the feminist social movement. However, in order to understand gender inequality, one must first understand the theories behind the mobilization and creation of this social phenomenon. Charlotte Perkins Gilman and Simone de Beauvoir were(are?) two leading female theorists from the twentieth century with comparable (I’m trying to say different but similar views on gender equality) theories on gender equality. Although gender equality is a controversial subject, action must be taken by men, women, and society to eliminate negative views of women, female dependency on men, and the comprehension of the economic relations between men and women in a patriarchal dominated world.
Within, Charlotte P. Gilman and Simone de Beauvoir’s articles, “The Man-Made World: Our Androcentric Culture” and “Introduction: Women as Other,” women are described as less superior than men (Gilman, 1989 & de Beauvoir, 1989). In comparing the two articles both authors Gilman and de Beauvoir, center on social arguments for women that rest upon gender inequality. Gilman argues that society impacts women through the limitations placed upon them such as a lack of available education, male-centered jobs, and women’s…

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