Essay on Gender Differences on Verbal and Non Verbal Tasks

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Gender Differences in Verbal and Non-Verbal Tasks and Memory Recall

Females are better at recall tasks than males. To test the level of recall a study was administered to test recall abilities in verbal and non verbal tasks and also immediate and delayed recall among males and females. It is often believed that males have a more superior recall memory than females due to the fact that more men are hired over women in jobs. And also men make more money than women. While females may earn less than men, through this study, females proved to be just as capable as males, in fact, more so, in the ability to recall memory.
Introduction and Literature Review
Comparing males and females is a natural occurrence: it occurs in the work
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The University is one of the recognised tertiary institutions in the country as such; this will ensure a good representation of students with different backgrounds. This school was chosen as the population based on familiarity with the school environment and the extent with which they availed themselves to be used for the study. This helped with easy data collection.
Out of the population, a total sample of 50 students was randomly selected. The 50 participants consisted of 27 females and 23 males. The age range of the prospective participating students was from 19 – 25 years.
Sampling Technique
The simple random sampling technique was used to select the 50 participants for the study to ensure that each member of the student population had an equal chance of being selected. This took place on the school’s campus. Students who agreed to participate were gathered in a lecture hall and pieces of papers with either a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ were sent round. Students who picked a ‘yes’ were then selected as the sample for the study. Informed consent was sought as students were informed about the nature of the study and the benefits of the study to the school as a whole.
Equipments/ Materials
The Selective Reminding test and Rey Complex Figure Copy test were used for the verbal and non verbal tests respectively. Other materials were also used and these included ; a stop watch, pens, pencils and papers.

Design and Procedure
The design used for the study was

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