Gender differences and autobiographical memories Essay

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Autobiographical memory is essentially a system that contains episodic memories from individuals’ lives, autobiographical memory is what makes each and every one of us different to another, and essentially what forms the self, connecting us to others, history and the future.
“Autobiographical memories from the mundane to the profound, help form the self, they provide personal historical context or personal biography for who we are now: they are in essence a ‘database’ of the self.”(Conway, A and Holmes, E, 2005, p228)
There has been research conducted into gender differences within autobiographical memories and although not fully understood it has become an apparent theme, that female participants provide more detailed, richer
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(Popovski et al, 2005, p507)
Different styles of response between men and women when discussing the past was further examined by Davis (1999) here she distinguished between the pragmatic style of narrative and elaborative style of discussion and how this is linked to our past differed in difference sex child rearing with parent child conversations being more pragmatic with men and more elaborative with women, it was determined due to autobiographical memories being emotional by nature that women would recall more of these and with enhanced accessibility to male participants.
Within these research articles some have shown that there are gender differences and others have linked differences to other variables such as emotional sensitivity, participants level of stress or anxiety, whether a person is dysphoric or non dysphoric.

With the different conclusions and results of these studies it would useful to eliminate some of the issues with these studies to see if you can gain accurate insight into true gender differences. By choosing participants with similar emotional sensitivity and no depressive or dysphoric symptoms to participate within the experiment this should help to eliminate some of the issues that have occurred in previous studies.
Also by providing more categorised and specific events is may be easier to gain insight into this subject. With more general events like the occurrence within a normal day, there are so many general events it

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