Essay Gender And Gender Neutral Parenting

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One of the reasons gender norms are thoroughly ingrained in society because they are often imposed upon people from a young age. For example, according to Ekert and McConnell-Ginet, authors of Language and Gender, parents use more inner state words when talking to their young daughters than they do when talking to their young sons. When parents use these specific types of “emotion” words on their daughters, they are enforcing the societal gender stereotype that girls are more emotional than boys are, which further embeds the stereotype in society. Interestingly, while gendered parenting has been the parenting norm for decades, this may not the case anymore. A recent trend towards gender neutral parenting (GNP) has begun to affect many aspects of parenting, including speech presentation, conversation styles, semantics, and word choice. The field of linguistics has yet to do research on gender-neutral parenting; however, based on studies discussing the linguistic aspects of gendered parenting and articles discussing the goals of GNP, I can make some predictions about linguistic norms of gender-neutral parenting.
GNP is a child-rearing style which has become popular in the previous decade (DiProperzio 2013). “Gender-neutral parenting means that children, whether girls or boys, are raised in ways that don’t reinforce the stereotypes or preconceived notions that have traditionally defined gender roles” (Rosman 2011). For example, parents employing a GNP style “encourage their…

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