Gender And Gender Discrimination Against Women In Society

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opportunities. Therefore, the eradication of objectifying ideas must be a top priority for a society that is looking forward to get rid of prejudices against the female population. The number of women serving as politicians and judges nationwide is certainly increasing. However, women still fall short when compared to their male counterparts. According to recent studies, this is primarily due to women not being considered, at first, to run for public office whenever a post is opened (Jenkins et al., 2012). Although it is alarming to know that women are also discriminated when it comes to politics, it is even more alarming that men have a greater say on women issues because they are the majority. For example, health care, abortion, and equal …show more content…
Furthermore, there is no doubt that gender discrimination against women has a negative effect on a women’s chances of earning a comfortable living or seeking new ventures. Although the sociological problem is widespread in society, there is no doubt also that the problem begins at home. A studied conducted in 2008 to analyze children’s interpretations on gender and race found out that children are very well aware of both gender and racial discrimination at an early age (Bigler et al., 2008). The study also determined that children develop prejudices and stereotypes mostly by the media they consumed and the guardian figure they aspire to. At this same age, children are also observing gender roles and formulating their own thinking in regards to mother and father. Lastly, the study found that the prejudices and stereotypes that children developed at an early age can have long-term implications to their views of viewing others, which adds to the conundrum of women discrimination. Therefore, this study illustrates that the social aspect of the problem begins when children are taught or exposed to some form of discriminatory remark, which they may believe is correct if no one else teaches them

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