Gay, Gay And Lesbian Essay

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In the early 1900s, most people could not fathom the concept of people liking the same gender. In fact, there was not even a name for being gay or lesbian. People in this era were just expected to be with the opposite gender and to not question sexuality as it was just the way of life. When there finally was a word for liking the same gender, it was labeled “homosexuality” and was treated like a disease. The ones who identified as gay or lesbian often denied it because it was their only choice. If they were caught, they could face imprisonment, commitment to an institution, or even suicide. Gays and lesbians felt they could not tell their families about their sexuality because if they did, they would be disowned and often times, excluded from all family activities. During the 1920s, black gay and lesbians started to move to Harlem, NY where there was gay bars and other activities. This became a tourist place for whites also. During this time, there was many lesbian themed books and plays such as The Well of Loneliness and the Broadway play The Captive, which were later declared obscene. Later plays were “tolerated” as long as they did not mention the word “lesbian.”
The 1930s was a dark period for all of the U.S. but especially for gays. Social discrimination was at an all-time high during the depression. During this time, there was a guy by the name of Magnus Hirschfeld who was a sexologist. He spoke at a small dinner party about how he worked to change how the nation, and…

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