Gattaca, Populous Of Earth Essay

760 Words May 6th, 2016 4 Pages
In the movie Gattaca, populous of earth has successfully harnessed the powers of science to practice eugenics at birth, allowing parents to select the best qualities for their children. However the birth of Vincent Freeman is left to nature, and he is burdened with inferior genes, which is predicted to cause his premature death, and obstructs his dream of travelling to space. The film showcases the negative impact of controlling nature to such an extent that all randomness is removed and no longer left to the chances of nature. The removal of natural barriers in the creation of humans allows for the perfect man to be created, but removes self-determination from individuals who have been bred for the sole purpose of being super humans. The ambitious Vincent is held back by his genetic malfunction, as the company Gattaca is unwilling to allow him to go into space, but throughout the film he demonstrates he is fully capable of reaching the same heights as others, he must only work harder. This is shown most excellently when he competes with his younger brother who was given a fantastic set of genetic privileges, during a game of chicken where they swim across a lake; Vincent’s hard work beats Anton’s unnatural talent. Although officially hiring practices based upon discriminating of genetics is illegal in the films, companies use loopholes, which creates an underclass of people called in-valids relegated to menial labor. The practice of removing and adding different traits…

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