Essay on Gattac Advancement Of Science And Regression For People

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Gattaca: Advancement in Science and Regression for People

We are naturally curious of what would happen in the future. We become fond of looking into our horoscope or even simply checking the weather on a daily basis. We may think that we’re more focused on the present but often times we look ahead and ask what’s going to happen. Why else would there be a film about doomsday every decade or so? Watching the film Gattaca has made me pessimistic of what would happen for us as a society. Set in the not too distant future, it showcases a protagonist that defies all odds such as discrimination and physical disability to overcome challenges and reach his dreams. For me though it is not just a feel good movie wherein you root for the guy to win. It’s also about how despite all the advances in science and technology Gattaca proved to be dystopian because it regressed society to a form of social hierarchy based on how you were born. There is repressed individuality in Gattaca which makes the people easily persuaded. Because people could not choose who they wanted to be they were led to believe that they have limits to what they could achieve. In the beginning of the movie as Vincent tells his story of his childhood he thought that he was very sickly because he was treated as one. His parents were very cautious of him growing up because of the odds of Vincent dying early. Irene, who was supposed to have infinite potential but was born with a weak heart also believed that she…

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