How Does Online Gambling Affect Society

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Online gambling has always been a controversial topic in 21st century America, and for a good reason. Young and old alike across the country see the potentially devastating effect gambling has on anybody it touches. Gambling has always had a negative connotation, but online gambling is a relatively recent creation that remains unexplored for many. From being forced into the streets, to hooking minors for life, gambling comes with a large load of trouble for the majority it touches. Examples such as these and many others have led people to the conclusion that online gambling can ruin lives for Americans by creating addicts, destroying families, and resulting in personal economic collapse. Online gambling encompasses any and all forms of gambling done through the internet. In gambling, players wager money in high risk games, usually being luck based with a low skill entry. Online gambling is restricted to the age of eighteen in the United States, but the aspect of the internet makes it hard to monitor ages of players online. With the lack of physical material to see …show more content…
Federal taxing of gambling earnings can raise money to go towards public projects, and improve American life in general. The creation of gambling websites would help to create jobs for Americans no matter where they live as a site manager or technical support, for example. As Americans, citizens think they should have the right to do whatever they want with their hard earned money, despite what others say. CasinoGoTo, an informative gambling website, claims gambling can act as a stress reliever for people who find enjoyment from it after a bad day, and even a form of therapy for elderly citizens to meet new friends online and become social without strain on their frail bodies. Although online gambling has some positives, it is crucial to remain vigilant of its risky

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