Gambling Addiction : Oklahoma Will Focus On The Causes, Effects, And Preventions

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It is amazing how one thing leads to another. Gambling addiction can start with a child as young as six years old. In the long run these habits can end up depriving you from your money, children, spouse, and loved ones. Several studies have been done a can prove that two percent and three percent of the adult population has a gambling problem. In Oklahoma alone that is approximately between 60,000 and 90,000 people. (“Finwick’’) This analysis of gambling addiction is Oklahoma will focus on the causes, effects, and preventions. Oklahoma has become known for its gambling attractions. More than seventy casinos and gaming centers have been built in Oklahoma. They bring in an estimated amount of $143 million dollars as of 2014. (“Problem Oklahoma”)You will find casinos of all sizes from border to border. We are also home to the Windstar world casino, the third largest casino in North America. Most people are attracted to the twelve story hotel, eighteen whole golf course and fine dining restaurants. This is what makes customers come back again and again. (“Casinos’’) Seniors are two to four times more likely to have a gambling problem, and military veterans. What a lot of people do not understand is that gambling comes in many different forms. Whether you bet on sports, stretch cards, roulette, poker, or even slots. (“Gambling Addiction’’)
Gambling habits can also start at a young age. “I started at the age of 8 with bingo.” Said by Angela R. a 40 year old recovering…

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