GM Food: The Health Effects Of Genetically Modified Food

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Genetically modified organisms have not been around for years and years, but have still accumulated a history and have rapidly spread around the world. “The first GM crops were commercialized by China in the early 1990’s” (Nelson 3) and have grown into a massive industry since then. From 1996 to 2006 the amount of acreage planted with GM crops across the globe increased from 1.7 to 102 million hectares (Kriepe 4) and is still on the rise. The massive growth of this industry, however, has slowed mainly because of the European rejection of GM foods, as well as other smaller countries. Most consumers throughout Europe fear GM foods, and many pro-GM food people contribute this to its representation. A study in Vienna
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The use of pesticides on crops has always been a concern, and GM foods rely heavily on pesticides, and some even have pesticides grown inside the plant. Paul Koberstein refers to a study done by the Pew Research Center, which “found that only 68 percent of scientists think it is safe to eat foods grown with pesticides” (1). This means that thirty-two percent of scientists think it is dangerous to foods grown with pesticides. Of course it depends on the pesticide used, as well as the amount, but nevertheless, nearly all crops are treated with pesticides toxic to humans. Toxins such as these inside our bodies can do serious harm and are classified “according to their potential to cause adverse effects with acute or longer-term exposure, the organ systems affected, and types and severity of effects they elicit,” (“Safety of Genetically Engineered Foods” 112). These classifications may relay the severity of these chemicals and as does a study done by Chinese scientists who found that when people eat plants containing the insecticide RNAi, it could enter the bloodstream. This can increase bad cholesterol resulting in the greater risk of a heart attack (Koberstein 2). This is a prime example of the dangerous capabilities of pesticides in genetically modified

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