Essay on Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal

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Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal
Gina Tompkins, Marcus Hall, Terri Washington, Victor Jones
CJA 374
November 24, 2013
Bruce Clingan

Future of the Juvenile Justice System Proposal
The juvenile justice system is designed to correct and change the behavior of juvenile offenders. Change in behavior is an indication the system is working. If there is no change, the system is deemed ineffective and a team of juvenile justice consultants are called in to make corrections. In reality, this team is composed of four state officials whose sole purpose is to develop a proposal to present to the state legislature for recommendations of adjustments to the juvenile justice system. This team of consultants is creating these
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The Effect of an Informal Parental Driven Process on the System
According to Pabon (1998), Massachusetts launched a community-based approach where there can be training schools in communities for delinquents and eliminate secure institutions. The attention can be removed from the juvenile’s behavior and focused on family values and community involvement. The juvenile justice system can resume an informal parental driven process and eliminate the formal penal environment of the court (Pabon, 1978).
The Role Family Interventions, Family Group Conferencing, and Family Values Play in Community Involvement
Schiff (1998) states that restorative justice programs such as family group conferencing, family interventions, restitution, and community service can be supported and continued because the programs remain effective. They can provide participation for everyone affected by the behavior of the juvenile, such as the community and the victim.
According to Zhang, et al. (2010), community-based programs such as mentoring, family interventions, and diversion that decreases truancy are examples of effective ways in assisting juveniles as they exit the juvenile justice system.
Other Assistance Needed to Increase the Effectiveness of Programs
According to

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