Future of Juvenile Justice Essay

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The Future of Juvenile Justice
Clinton Hardy, Dominique Whitlock
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March 18, 2012
Bruce Clingan

The Future of Juvenile Justice
The state of juvenile justice system in American is at a crossroad. It is important that the states take more of an imitative at the local level to ensure the important components of the juvenile justice system are being met. This is a proposal for the juvenile justice system to adopt some of the aspects of the adult system by building a state of the art facility that houses probation, home confinement, work release, and community service all in one place. The necessity for these services is crucial to the commitment to rehabilitation of youthful offenders. This project is a joint venture with the
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We frequently find deficiencies in all five areas. (Rosenbaum, 1999, ‘Mentally ill or mentally retarded juveniles’ section, para 42; numbers added).

This is the most important factor in the area of reoffending that keeps the recidivism rate high for state and local percentages. Any policy or proposal that this legislature enacts must contain provisions for updating the mental health process. For example, Timmons-Mitchell et al. (1997) found in the state of Ohio that 27% of males and 84% of females who were juvenile delinquents had a mental disorder. To reform this area of juvenile justice could make a significant difference in regards to the recidivism rates. This is the first step in the planning and preparation stage as the city and local governments move more toward the importance of mental health. According to Morris & Morris (2006), “Research is also needed to determine whether the frequency and/or severity of a juvenile’s disability influence the relative effectiveness of his/her rehabilitation or educational program, and/or contributes to the success versus failure of the mental health services he or she receives” (p.642).
Family and Living Situations of Youth Living situation and environment are important factors in the determination of how a

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