Future of International Relations Essay

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International Organizations Final Exam
Essay Question # 1: Regional Institutions; the Future of International Relations
Keimyung University.

International Organizations Final Exam: Essay #1 Throughout the course of the semester we have analyzed a plethora of international organizations. Needless to say some international organizations appeared to be more influential and have a positive image on a global scale while others seem to have difficulty in maintaining credibility and in some cases transparency. The following essay outline why international organization are not, ipso facto, the future of international relations and that regional institutions will gradually come to replace them. The
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Albeit national and international security is an important issue and should not be taken lightly however given the number of member states, a fairly large percentage of them come from less developed countries and the money they contribute could be used to develop their local economies instead of conforming to an organization that has questionable intentions. The global financial crisis of 2008 took its toll on the world at large and to present date there are some nation-states who still have not recovered from the damage done to their economies. Regional institutions like the European Union seemed to rise from the rubble almost instantaneously. Countries like the Netherlands institutionalized their banks in order to re-establish a steady flow of cash throughout their country and after seeing positive results urged fellow member states to follow suit. The European Union also helped and is still helping Greece rise above its crisis by offering to pay their loan in exchange for “a crushing austerity” (no early retirement, cuts on social programs, salary reduction), offers that may not have come to their aid had they not belonged to this regional organization. In Africa, there is a multitude of regional organizations. In East Africa, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi and Rwanda have coined the East African Community; an intergovernmental regional organization. This organization came into force on July 7th 2000 and to date it has been subject to gradual yet

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