Essay Funding And Capitalism

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TARP Funding and Capitalism True capitalism doesn’t really exist in practice, as is the case with most theories and ideologies. Over time, these concepts, like capitalism, are warped to fit the needs of the person/group. In this case, the United States professes to follow the teachings of capitalism, but certain parts of the way the country is run seem to be contradictory to capitalism’s ideals. To investigate, we must delve into what capitalism is, TARP funding, and ethical perspectives on the matters discussed. Capitalism came about when people decided that they were no longer satisfied with working just to survive—they wanted to profit and improve their lifestyle. There are many kinds of capitalism and they all have their own unique aspects, but four core values are evident in them all. Shaw poses that the key features of capitalism are, “…the existence of companies, profit motive, competition, and private property…” (Business Ethics, 119). As a nation that professes to subscribe to capitalism, the U.S.’s TARP funding program is highly controversial. To examine the subject, we must first explore what TARP is. The Troubled Relief Asset Program was created in 2008 to combat the financial meltdown. This meltdown occurred mainly because of poor business practices by banks in terms of mortgages. According to the government, TARP was created to, “…stabilize the U.S. financial system, restart economic growth, and prevent avoidable foreclosures…” ( The economy…

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