Fun Home, Water Imagery Depicting Interactions Between Alison And Her Father Bruce

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The human social structure is based on the grouping of people together based on some characteristic, whether it be nationality, religion, participation in a particular activity or club, or any of the other many social divisions. The solidarity of these groupings is derived from the interpersonal connections. When the most intimate grouping, the nuclear family structure does not have these powerful bonds, it leads to estrangement in its members, and can lead to the collapse of the family unit. However, these bonds are pliable, and are constantly reshaped by social interactions. In Fun Home, water imagery depicting interactions between Alison and her father Bruce is used to increase emotional proximity, whereas water imagery depicting interactions between Alison and her mother Helen is used to show rifts in the family structure and greater emotional distance between its members. Although Alison did “not [have] a physically expressive family” (19), the intimate interactions with her father, although sometimes physically painful, were “worth the moment of perfect balance” (3) of emotional closeness and affection. Even though Helen “must have bathed [her] hundreds of times,” it is the singular instance where Bruce did so that Alison “remember[s] most clearly” (22). Even though the process is painful for Alison at the beginning, because her father is more forceful and aggressive than her mother was, resulting in soap in Alison’s eyes, the end result is a positive. In this case,…

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