Essay on Full Metal Jacket

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Meaning and purpose can be defined depending on the reader and the author that is defining it. The meaning and purpose of any form of literature is the main point of the piece of work, why it was created and what the author wants the reader to understand or get from his or her work. As for the movie Full Metal Jacket, the director, Stanley Kubrick, wanted to have a combination of comedy as well as a sense of realization when it comes to a soldier becoming a marine and what it takes to be one. The characters throughout the movie each show a different way of understanding and dealing with the problems that they had to quickly overcome.
Full Metal Jacket is a movie that shows the different roles and stages of the marines that were stationed
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This quick form of action shows the audience that he was well trained and knew exactly what to do and when to do it. Full Metal Jacket revealed other ways of bringing out a characters sense of maturity and therefore had a different aspect compared to that scene, and basically the entire movie of The Green Berets.
Full Metal Jacket was meant to make the audience completely understand why the soldiers had to go through training the way that they did. It all comes together once the audience sees firsthand what can happen when a soldier loses his focus or is not fully prepared for what may happen next. The series of events that happens during the second half of the movie could make or break anyone who may not be tough enough to endure all of the negativity. Full Metal Jacket is supposed to be an eye opener and should cause a sense of realization for the audience. In the scene where Doc Jay and Eight Ball, two very brave marines, were being attacked by a sniper, Animal Mother, a tough marine, did everything he could think of doing in order to try and save his dying friends, even though he knew that there was no chance of their survival. Regardless, Animal Mother went out alone, against his direct orders, to try and find the sniper and kill her in retaliation. Granted, he could not do it alone, he called the rest of the soldiers to try and track her down. Once they found her, they

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