From Riches, The Republic Of Korea Essay

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From Rags to Riches, the Republic of Korea The Republic of Korea was a country that was down in the dirt before the Korean War. Today, South Korea is a country that has grown exponentially since the early 1950s. They are technologically advanced, have a distinguished economy, a constitutionally developed government and a modern military. Shortly after the North Korea People’s Army invaded South Korea and crossed the 38th Parallel, President Truman ordered the United States military to join the fight with South Korea in the Korean War. North Korea, who were backed by the Soviets, became communistic and out of fear, USA joined the fight to help keep South Korea win and to keep them anti-communist. With the United States of America and USSR with completely different ideologies, they were willing to do anything to stop the spread of communism. When the United States arrived, they appeared to save face and South Korea won the war. In 1953, South Korea and the United States of America agreed to become military allies. There are currently 29,000 American Soldiers stationed in the Republic of South Korea for military operating and readiness. Up until 2015, if South Korea were to go to war with North Korea, the United States would assume military authority. In 2008, South Korea and America agreed to ease South Korea into the position of military authority. South Korea’s air defense capabilities are unrivaled by most other countries in the world. With the help of the…

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