Friendship Between Ancient Time And Modern Day Essay examples

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Friendships nowadays are nothing more than an illusion because of the advance of technology; from the description of William Deresiewicz, author of the article “Faux Friendship.” Deresiewicz said that friendship has become both all and nothing when modern technology like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and other social media is destroying the friendship. Deresiewicz states that while people are friends with everybody, no matter if they know them or not, we have not understood the true value of a true friendship. The author compares the meaning of friendship between ancient time and the modern day. Back in the 18th century, Goethe and Schiller, a true friendship of literature and cultural movement; they support each other to the end of their movement. Deresiewicz argues that the social media is slowly destroying friendship and technology and has isolated people who use social media. The author is stating that technology is encouraging its users to spend more time on computer and be friends with more people and less time interacting with everyone face-to-face. Also, Deresiewicz points out that the users broadcast various interests’ concepts as a way of interacting with people and not focus on the characteristic of making what they are. In other words, the author argues to spend less time on computer and more time interacting with people around to strengthen the relationship between friendships.
From my own point of view, I think that Deresiewicz was incorrect about technology…

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