French Culture

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It is very important for military officers and soldiers to understand the culture of common destinations in which the United States military occupies. It helps the military to relate to the people and gains their trust and cooperation. A country that the United States has many ties to, both monetarily and militarily is France. This essay will focus on the culture of France and its relations with the United States.
The describing of common French culture starts with the characteristics of this specific region. The modern French are descendants of Romans and Greeks that later mixed with larger groups at the end of the Roman Empire. One of the greatest regarded symbols of the French culture is the national language. The people generally
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France has a highly diverse and very institutional economy plan. They have strong protection of property rights and efficient regulatory framework for entrepreneurial activity, but recent progress has been uneven. France world ranking is 75th globally and is 32nd in Europe. In 2016, they are currently down 0.2 points in the Economic Freedom Score. They currently have an unemployment rate at 9.9%. Despite recent reform efforts, the labor market remains strong, undermining long-term productivity and employment growth. The major religion of the country is Roman Catholic with 85% practicing this religion. Protestant and Jewish make up 2%-10%. There has been a huge jump in the Muslim population in the last few years, with 10% of the population practicing this religion. In addition, 4% do not attend any religion or church. France education level is approximately in the middle of the world rankings, with portion of students attending universities. After World War II, the education system was drastically changed. The change was made to accommodate the rising number of children caring on their studies beyond primary school. French education system is centralized and divided into three stages. They consist of primary, secondary and tertiary or college education. France has a deep and rooted military that span thousands of years. The first battle was believed to be the Battle of Allia dated 387 B.C. Outnumbered by the Roman Empire, the Gauls defeated a powerful military lead by Brennus. In 1781, the French aligned with

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