Freedom Of The United States Essays

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Freedom has meant many things to many people over time, from the relatively few rights/freedoms or oppressive cultures to countries like the U.S. with lots of rights and freedoms. Today I will talk about freedom is politically, socially, and spiritually, along with how it is won and lost, and how people react when different types of freedom are threatened or taken away. Freedom is one of the most important gifts given to us by god. But most peoples do not have this until stable governments were started some of which continue to this day. This has saved the weak from being preyed on by the strong. This may be considered an important concept to talk about since this nation was founded on these principles.
Political freedom is the state of being in political autonomy or political independence. It is one of the central concepts of democratic societies. Now political and social freedom are similar so I will not try to bore you by seemingly repeat things for each of these paragraphs. In the story it can be seen that the Jews being persecuted was part political, social and spiritual freedom. The political parties that represented them were killed or put into silence. This was usually carried out by the gestapo, or the Sturmabteilung (brownshirts) And in Kristallnacht (the night of the broken glass) the regular German people, and the Sturmabteilung (Braunhemdem, brownshirts, stormtroopers) The name stormtroopers later influenced star wars, movies, as the average german soldier was…

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