Freedom Of The Press By Howard Zinn Essay

926 Words Aug 1st, 2015 4 Pages
Social activist Howard Zinn once said, “I suppose the most revolutionary act one can engage in is to spread the truth.” It is clear the country is currently being destroyed by our dishonest, ruthless leaders with the threat to suspend our basic human rights. Our political system is broke. I am here today to challenge the reckless plan to eradicate our human rights and prove that Freedom of the Press is vital to prevent the exploitation of our families and more importantly, our citizens. Our country is in desperate need. In desperate need of the truth. As formerly proud, Australian citizens, do you not agree that it our duty to work together, pick up the pieces, restore our rights and fix the political nightmare that is taking over our nation? Freedom of the press is the tool that will enable the media to speak the truth of our suspended rights. It is vital that our citizens receive uncensored information about our nation, whether in chaos or not. Ignorance is not bliss, fellow citizens. If we do not preserve our right to Freedom of the Press, our country will struggle. Ask yourselves, do you want to discard our democratic system and conform to a war-ridden, autocratic economy? Or, would you rather live safely and happily in a prosperous and free economy? Stop the dishonesty. Cease the brainwashing. SHARE THE TRUTH!
Our government is currently threatening us with the abolishment of our rights. Threatening its own citizens! Since federation, we have…

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