Freedom From Control And Restriction Essay example

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Liberty can be defined as having freedom from control and restriction. A person who has liberty is not restricted, by the government, more than the people around him, and has the ability to do anything or think any idea that others around him or her can. As the Quakers fought to attain liberty and free themselves from the oppressive restrictions of the Puritan Government they did so with little aid from government entities.
The Quakers were a relatively new sect of Christianity that was formed by George Fox, who for forty years was their most important leader. The core beliefs of Quakerism were based on the doctrine of Inward Light. Adherents of Quakerism believed that the spirit of God was within them and guided their actions. This idea that they held divinity within themselves encouraged many to face groups and governments which opposed their beliefs. The name Quaker was a name that was applied to them, but in reality they preferred to be referred to as “Friends.” During the age of Puritanism in America the Quakers faced enormous amounts of persecution from the Puritan government in place at the time. Several examples of this persecution are presented by Edward Burrough, who stated that in Massachusetts the Quakers were “banished upon pain of death, have been martyred, have had their right-ears cut, hath been burned in the hand with the letter H, was beat while his Body was like a jelly, several were beat with Pitched Ropes, Five appeals made by them to England, were…

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