Essay on Free Will And The Right Decision

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Everyday Americans are challenged with the choice of making the right decision, whether one person robs a bank and kills an individual along the way, a police officer risking his own life to protect the lives of innocent citizens, a couple accused of murdering their new born child and dumping the body on the side of the road, the choice is yours. Americans are blessed with the power of free will, you are in charge of the choices you make and the consequences that come along with them. You are the master of your own fate and you are responsible for your future. You are in charge of yourself, the choice is yours on how you plan on living your life. Everybody wants to be free and everybody intends on creating the most extravagant life they possibly could, yet to many our freedom is still restricted. Understanding free will allows one to understand that the choices and decisions that they make can and will shape and conform them into the person they are. Although many believe freedom is restricted, free will applies limitations and exceptions to ones humanly rights. Free will is separated into three views, hard determinism, compatibilism, and indeterminism and libertarianism. Hard determinism is the idea that every event that happens is because another event brought it about. Stating that every action is happening because something else happened before it. This also supports the idea that human freedom is in fact just an illusion. That the choices we make are not because we…

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