Free Trade vs Protectionism Essays

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Question one 1.1 identify all stakeholders 2 1.2 Unitarian perspective 3 1.3 Maxim of duties 1.4 clashes of rights 4 1.5 an alternative ethical approach

Question two * introduction 5 * corporate social responsibility * definition of corporate social responsibility * Company profile * RBS social policy
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| Taxpayerthey know that they have to pick up the bill for any reform , that means higher taxes for them | Joe public is caught again! Not only do taxpayers have to stand the cost of bailing these banks out of trouble but they now have they will charge the public for the privilege of reducing the possibility of having to bail them out again! | The full separation of retail and investment banking, will better insulate and protect tax-payers against failure and provide depositors with safe institutions in which to keep their money. |
1.2 From a utilitarian perspective, would you argue for or against the proposed tightening of UK banking regulation?
After evaluating the different effects of harm and benefit. I came to decision that the new proposed reforms are necessary for the health of our economy. The current regulation laws are light touch Regime--which is totally inappropriate and ineffective and can't prevent a banking crisis similar to 2008. From a Utilitarian perspective--Current regulation hasn't served the UK public well; we are sitting here with a £3000 pounds tax bill each for bailing-out failing banks. This money could have been used elsewhere. E.g. the money we put in to bail-out RBS could have paid for our universities for five years. It is in the interest of taxpayers to change this regulation and tightening it to make sure that the taxpayer would not be burdened

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