Essay on Frederick Douglass

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No one can argue the horrors of slavery. I always immagined that slavery was the worst thing possible that could happen to a person. .That was until I took this class and read the book about Frederick Douglas.

As an assingment I was to write a paper and I had three topics to choise from. I was stuck between writting about the worst thing about slavery and what impact it had on what I thought I knew about slavery.I have watched many shows that depicted slavery as a harsh life. I have had black friends who could tell me storeys their great great grandparents once told. I knew it was not pritty before the book, but after it only opened my eyes to how bad it was.

After a while I finnally decided which topic I wanted to write
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I would think that any true Christian would see humans no mater what kind as equial. I mean didn't they come to America because they wanted religious freedom. But Douglass exposed the bitterness of racism ands its absurdity at the same time that he imagines the fullest possibilities of the natural rights tradition, the idea that people are born with equal rights in the eyes of God and that those rights can be protected under human law.

Additionally, we can look to the bible when God spoke with Abraham (Genesis 15;13) . He foretold all kinds of disasters for Abraham's descendants,not that the Africans are linked to Abrahams descendants but you would think God was talking about them as well saying: They will be strangers in a land not theirs. They will serve as slaves. They will be tortured. It is clear from this that torture and slavery are considered separate afflictions. Enslavement even without any physical hurt or pain is terrible in its own right.

To me worst thing about slavery as I look into this more and more , is that it has never ended.I thought as a group of people everyone on earth would have wised up but slavery has never ended, there is still slavery nowadays.

In many parts of the world it is still a very common practice. People in Thai land would be a good example. the poor Thai farmers are desperate to earn more money, so they send their daughters to factories to work.

They are considered as slaves because they work day

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