Essay on Frederick Douglass 's Life And Times

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Frederick Douglass was the minister resident and general American consul to Haiti; while defending himself was a primary priority for Douglass, he also seemed much invested in constructing a particular image of Haiti as well to his audience. Frederick Douglass constructed an image of Haiti that is conflicting and variant at best in his document “Life and times”. These images can be deducted based on his personification of Haiti, the imagery that he invokes, and the diction he uses throughout certain passages.
While mentioning Haiti in “Life and Times”, Frederick Douglass uses a feminine pronoun at various times of the document; By doing this, he personifies Haiti as Female. For example, he refers to Haiti’s government by saying her government. Therefore, it could very well dictate that Frederick Douglass is portraying her as weak and maybe lacking in strength. It can be argued that through History females have been seen as the weaker sex and inferior in many ways of the two genders. There is the fact that females didn’t gain rights in many countries, including France until much later, even after the Declaration of Rights of Men was passed. Females have always been seen as the homemakers and the more nurturing, yet incapable of doing the necessary and dealing with harshness especially in the business and the political world.He states: “She, by her bravery and her blood was free.” By constantly referring to Haiti with such pronouns, he is demonstrating that he thinks of…

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