Long Term Habits

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My purpose of writing this essay is to tell you my "story." The good, the bad, and the ugly. Long-term goals are goals that are achieved in a long period. My long-term goals are to graduate high school with my diploma, finish my 12 years of medical school, receive my certificate to start working, buy a house, possibly get married and have children. Habits of mind are distinguishing how to behave intelligently when you don’t know the answer. It also means having a disposition toward behaving intelligently when confronted with problems. My habit of mind is thinking interdependent. For example: when working on a group project/work everyone’s participation contributes to the success of the work

Maslow hierarchy of needs is the description of needs in the human behavior. Theory of moral development is the gradual development of an individual's concept of right or wrong-conscious, religious values, social attitudes, and certain behavior. Examples are preconventional morality, naïvely egotistical, “good boy-good girl” orientation, law and social order, legalistic social contract, and universal ethical principles. The one I most relate to is universal ethical principles because I strongly believe in appreciating and accepting everyone values no matter what they are. Having to deal with bullying when I was younger kind
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When the U.S. Marines occupied Haiti in 1915 they brought along their ignorance and racist ideology that had been prevalent in Haiti many years earlier. The Americans began to form elite clubs and closed the doors on Haitians. Only Non-american servants and other workers were permitted in . The interaction between a Haitian and American was considered a great offense. They called it a “cultural segregation”. Racism was a way to accomplish their goals and used intimidation as a tool to show off their inferior

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