Essay on Frederick Douglass : Slavery And Slavery

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Fredrick Douglass was taught to read by his mistress. She taught him the alphabet and how to read. This was very uncommon for a slave to read. She wanted Fredrick to at least be able to read the bible. Mr. Hugh warned his wife about teaching a slave to read. He saw it as the first step in a slave realizing the magnitude and how horrible slavery really was. He claims that learning will spoil the best slave. A slave that is able to read and write will try to stand up to slavery, while a slave who cannot read and write does not have the ability to learn and see how horrible slavery really was. In the next document Douglass described how slavery was terrible and his only role in slavery was a slave and nothing else. He expressed the idea that there was no escape to slavery by calling masters a hydra-headed monster meaning if the slaves tried to do something bad they would always get a worse punishment. Douglass describes what a master can do to their slave. Slaves are still human but they do not have many rights. Douglass said that slaves and not own anything, anything they have is property of their masters. Slaves are forced to work for all of their lives but they get nothing. They do not even own their own cloths. Slaves must stay outside for shelter, while the master gets to stay in a mansion. The difference is very large. A plantation has the two extremes of life, only because of how selfish the masters have to be. They only thing that slave gets is the whip in return, the…

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