Frederick Douglass Corrupted Slaves

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Frederick douglass was a free black slave who brought light into the world of slavery and it lit upon darkness. It showed something truly dark about slavery. It showed how it affected not only the slaves but also the slave owners. In the Narrative of the life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass, it has so many reasons and so much evidence to support this claim of mine. In this mini series, Douglass purpose of writing this narrative was to show what slavery really is terrible for all people and it affected not only slaves but slave owners as well. Douglass wrote his narrative to explain how slavery not only corrupted slaves but it also corrupted slave owners. One reason why F.D thinks it terrible for both is because the slaves always get beat. Also it can bring a change upon slave owners that can turn their angels into demons like Mrs, Auld. Those who defended slavery believed that the slaves were always happy like how they were back where they lived but, they were not …show more content…
Frederick Douglass believed that slavery is terrible for slaves and slave owners in many ways. F.D wanted us to understand that not only slaves got affected by slavery but the slave owners as well. According to the text it states that, “With this, two of the constables pulled out their shiny pistols, and swore, by their creator, that they would make him cross his hands or kill him,”. This shows that because of slavery, these two men are about to kill a boy or make him cross his hands at will. Another example occurs when F.D was living with the Aulds and for frederick mrs Auld was like an angel but because of slavery it changed her in a demon. This suggests that even the nicest and heavenly people can be corrupted by slavery and can turn an angel in a demon. In conclusion, this shows how slavery can affect slave owners and slaves in many way shape or

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