Essay on Frederick Douglass And The United States

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There are numerous individuals throughout literature that made their imprints stain in history. Although there are little amounts of people that stood up and represented slavery in the United States. Slavery had a huge role in the United States history, getting down in the 1600’s and was abolished in the 1800’s. African-American slaves were maliciously being mistreated and meant nothing, as if they were carcasses, for a hundreds of years. Slaves were not allowed to read or write to keep them uneducated, one particular impressive African-American man was able to change this situation. Frederick Douglass was a talented writer and speaker who broke free from slavery and brought forth the issues of slavery to the attention of people in the 1840s and so on. Frederick Douglass made us aware that it is not where you start out in life, it is where you finish. He also portrayed the importance of education and how a determination to learn can lead you to better places in life. Frederick Douglass changed the United States for the better.
He grew up as a slave in Maryland, which is written in his work "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass." He secretly taught himself to read and worked hard to save up enough money and escape from slavery. Douglass had understood the importance of being educated, which made him realize that there were many more other opportunities to elevate his education. After several unsuccessful attempts to run-away, he finally did succeeded to escape.…

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