Frederick Douglass : An American Slave Essay

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Frederick Douglass: An American Slave
Slavery was a common and normal practice in America. The Europeans believed that black people were inferior, and so they enslaved them, made them work on farms and industries, whipped them and denied them fundamental rights. Even though the blacks did not take this practice well, they had no avenue for complaints and so they lived through the rough conditions every passing day. As time passed, anti-slavery groups sprung and spread the message across America. The abolitionist movement was one of the groups that campaigned against slavery. Abolitionist believed that all men were created equally. The abolitionist campaigns, among other reasons, were the reasons that led to the civil war. This paper will look at Frederick Douglass, his identity, why he wrote his book, to whom and his main arguments. The paper will also evaluate whether his narrative was biased, how he saw his life and how his story fits with the principles of post-revolutionary America.
Frederick Douglass was an African-American slave who in his book says he does not know the date of his birth. He has very few memories of his mother who died when he was seven years old. Slave children were commonly separated from their parents at an early age, so all he remembers are the night visits from his mother. He grew up as slave, and he explains the cruelty of the slave masters and the fear of slaves. He was moved to Baltimore, a move he says was life changing since he believes that…

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