Essay about Frederic Henry And Catherine Barkley

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1) The novel gives a brief description of the lives of Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley before they come to Italy. Frederic used to be a student of architecture back in America. He volunteers to join the Italian army as an ambulance driver. Proof of this is when Catherine asks, “You’re the American in the Italian army” (Hemingway 22). Before Catherine comes to Italy, she had a fiance who had unfortunately passed away. They grew up together for eight years. She is an English woman who is a V. A. D in the Italian army which is similar to a nurse but they are not as trained. “Oh, no. I’m something called a V. A. D. We work very hard but no one trusts us” (Hemmingway 25). That is what the novel tells the reader about the lives of Frederic Henry and Catherine Barkley before they come to Italy and what they end up doing in Italy.

2) When Frederic Henry first meets Catherine, he claims that she has beautiful hair, claims her to be very nice and sweet, but says that he loves her before he really does. These three feelings describe the way that Frederic feels about Catherine when he first meets her. One of the first things Frederic notices about Catherine is her beautiful hair. Catherine’s hair is one of the most talked about physical characteristics of any character throughout the novel. On page 19, Frederic says, “You have beautiful hair,” Catherine asks if he likes it and he responds “very much” (Hemingway 19). Second, Frederic claims that Catherine is very nice and…

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