Frankenstein Vs. Dracula Essay

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Frankenstein vs. Dracula

When individuals are placed in an unusual situation, those singles deal with problems in different manners. In Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Victor Frankenstein and Jonathan Harker deal with their situations in different ways. To begin, Harker gathers information about his foe. Also, he seeks help and protects others as a number one priority while Victor does not. As well, due to his actions, Harker lives on with a joyful life. Therefore, faced with supernatural challenges, Harker’s outcome is more positive as a result of his decisions and actions.
Of course, Harker and Frankenstein share some similarities. To start, both encounter supernatural beings who cause destruction and agony. The monster has filled Frankenstein with deep agony by causing the death of two of his relatives as well as his newlywed wife. Even though Frankenstein has made the monster himself, he wants it defeated so he can forget the pain the creature has brought him. Likewise, Harker struggles with his supernatural enemy. As he stays with Count Dracula to prepare his property for selling, Harker realizes that he is being held prisoner by an inhumane being. Harker experiences things that are not explainable such as following wolves, blue mist, and the Count turning into his youthful self. When he is released back to England, Dracula follows Harker and targets his fiancé, Mina. This deathly action causes Harker pain due to the powerful vampire, Dracula. To…

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