Essay Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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Victor Frankenstein is just your average scientist, till the notion to create new life catches him, and from its inception this idea changes Victor from a scientist into a villain. Throughout Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, despite narrating most of the story from his point of view, Shelley portrays Doctor Victor Frankenstein as the true villain of the story, rather than the creature that he creates. The main things that make victor the villain are several large character flaws he has: immoderation, irresponsibility, narcissism, and apathy. He meddles in the territory of gods, abandons his own creation, ignores chances to stop the deaths of his loved ones, and ignores the monster’s cries for help. Victor shows himself to be nearly sociopathic in his tendencies, in the sense that he is unable to relate to the plight of others and is completely self-absorbed. All of these traits make him quite the defining villain. Although many have interpreted this work of fiction as a warning about technology, it seems to be more of a warning about arrogance. We must remember that Shelley grew up in a household that embraced the enlightenment and progression of science. Mary Shelley herself attended scientific lectures on the origin of life (Nardo 85). It is important to note that both Mary and Percy Shelley were interested in science and the capabilities of mankind, as shown in Percy Shelley’s poem Prometheus unbound (Nardo 85). While Mary Shelley takes a more cautious view with her…

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