Essay on Frankenstein, By Mary Shelley

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Mary Shelley’s book, Frankenstein, proffers multiple meanings of the monster that can be drawn upon from the text depending on one’s perspective and analysis on the book. The book can be seen as a true story with a real monster who murdered Victor Frankenstein’s family for the monster’s want for revenge. However, this one side is only the surface of what the story is truly about. It only gives a one-dimensional view that everyone should be able to grasp from their first read of the book for personal enjoyment. Once someone ponders on the question “What if the monster is imaginary, a fictitious creature created by Victor or Walton?”, it opens a new world of what the monster truly means hidden behind the cover of just an ugly monster shunned by human society. After analyzing this book, I concluded that the monster was an imaginary creature who was a reflection of Victor, but at the same time was the same person as Victor. This reflection results in a meaning where the monster represents the negative side of gaining knowledge, opposite of what Victor represents. There are many events that indicate the monster is just a figment of Victor’s imagination. On a November night, Victor was able to “infuse a being into the lifeless thing that lay at [his] feet” (34-35). On this very night, he was alone attempting to bring life to an inanimate carcass of a large creature. However, Victor did not have anyone with him at the time he finally gave life to an inanimate being who was never…

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