France 's Continuous Legal Discrimination Essays

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A conservative mentality has slowly been sweeping over the world: from France’s continuous legal discrimination against certain minority groups to the United States most recent election. One of the major trends within this conservative streak within the western world is what to do with the influx of Muslim migrants. Some countries like Germany are willing to open their borders and accept a large group of migrants whereas others including the United States are constantly pushing to keep migrants out for fear of terrorist attacks. France’s ideal is similar to that seen within the United States; however, it is stricter. France’s strict secularism has led to laws banning “religious clothing” in schools, an ideal which although affected other religions was directed at Muslim women and the hijab (John Bowen 2007). With sentiments like this and the push to force everyone to be fluent in French (John R. Bowen 2004:43-55) it is no surprise that Muslims are struggling to find a balance between their religion and being French. My research question is: what does it mean to be Muslim in France? Specifically, how does France’s attempt to enforce harsh secularism affect the Muslim community and the ideals of Sharî’a law? Since the 1800’s when France has tried to suppress Islamic religion, as seen in 1851 where a Muslim Girls’ School in Algier showed a skit which portrayed France and Christianity as freedom (Lila Abu-Lughod 2002:783-790). While France has since strayed away from being a…

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