Fracking Should Be More Regulated Essay

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Amanda Niebuhr
Fracking Should be More Regulated
In our day and age, there are many ways of creating energy. Hydraulic fracturing is one way to make resources available for public consumption at a low price. What many people are wondering today is if hydraulic fracturing should be more regulated or not. Regulation should come hand in hand with the mistakes that are being made. Some may think that fracking should be more regulated because of the potential environmental hazard and those potential concerns should be looked at. It’s possible that people believe that fracking should cease completely because of the health and environmental concerns which have arisen.
Fracking is the process of high powered blasting of sand, water, and chemicals into shale adjacent from drilled wells (CMAJ 1). This process involves drilling vertically as well as horizontally so to optimally release pockets of natural gas/methane into the well allowing it to be captured and converted into energy for public use (CMAJ 1). Hydraulic fracturing has been practiced for a long time; it’s the horizontal drilling of the wells which is new. Horizontal drilling began almost ten years ago and it has changed the face of the natural gas industry (CMAJ 2). Many who are aware of both the potential drawbacks and gains fracking see that there is potential for economic improvement, but will also for environmental damages.
The environmental issue which people are most concerned about is fresh…

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