Fracking : Mining And Energy Commission Essay

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In 2014, Pat McCrory, North Carolina’s Governor, Lifted the state’s ban on fracking, making it legal for the Mining and Energy Commission to issue fracking permits as early as 2015. This opens the door to fracking throughout the state of North Carolina, allowing companies like Duke Energy, General Electric, and Piedmont Natural Gas access to shale drilling, which until now was never available.
Hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” is the process of extracting natural gas from shale rocks deep within the Earth. New advancements in drilling technology, such as hydraulic fracturing, has make it possible to extract natural gas from shale that was once unreachable with conventional oil drilling.
Fracking is a very disputed topic with numerous pros and cons. In a recent interview with Craig DeBrew, of the District Manager of Government and Community Relations for Duke Energy, I asked about the benefits of fracking. He informed that “Fracking [has] unlocked reserves of natural gas. My impression of fracking, some fifteen years ago was that the supply of fracking was lower, and now it’s [become] more accessible.” Fracking has also had major effects on the economy as well. As of 2012, across all 50 states, the industry supported 2/1 million jobs, and is estimated to be at 3.9 million by 2025. Between 2007-2013, consumer gas bills have dropped by $13 billion per year as a result of increased fracking, adding up to $200 per year for gas consuming households. As a results, fracking has…

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