Fracking Is A Technique Used For Extract Natural Gas From Rocks

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Hydraulic fracturing in other words fracking is a technique used to extract natural gas from rocks. In the deeper layer within the earth, about 7000 feet below, rocks like shale contains gases, water and oil in their pores. Drilling companies carry out a horizontal drilling to the rock layer along with a traditional vertical drilling to create new routes or to extend the existing pipes for the extraction of natural gas. They allow these gases to escape by injecting a fluid under high pressure causing the rocks to fracture and to release resources from the rock pores where they have been trapped. A few stages of concretion are set in within the metal pipes, to seal it and to prevent any contamination of surrounding groundwater. The fluid used to cause the cracking is a mixture containing water and sand at a 99.5 percent and the remaining one half of one percent is chemicals such as benzene and methanol. Approximately 50,000 gallons of chemicals and each containing 600 different chemicals are used per fracturing. The chemicals are added to improve the efficiency such as to reduce friction as the water on its own would simply sink into the rocks without forming cracks in the substrate. The sand mixed in the fluid helps to keep the cracks open when the pressure is released, resulting gas to move up through the pipes, towards the well where it can be stored in open pits and processed for treatment. This whole process is known as hydraulic fracturing or in short fracking.…

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