Essay about Fracking And The Controversial Extraction Process

1878 Words Oct 19th, 2016 8 Pages
In many people’s minds, the term “Fracking” only applies to the controversial extraction process and the environmental impact surrounding that process. Hydraulic Fracturing or “Fracking” for short is a process where chemicals and water are injected into wells to breakup rock formations that have gas or oil trapped in the rock itself. This process is specifically used for developing and extracting oil and natural gas from shale. While most people have heard the term “Fracking”, very few understand or even consider the down the road steps required to transfer, process and transport the fuel once it has been extracted or the implications and environmental or health impacts that follows in its wake. While fracking is currently banned in New York State and much of the New England area, those states still play a part in getting the fuel to export markets such as Canada or overseas. Opinions on fracking also tend to fall along political party affiliation with Conservative leanings driving the Pro-Fracking activism and Progressive leanings driving the Anti-Fracking movement (Biello, 2016). However, that seems to be changing as anyone who has a direct interest becomes educated. In Upstate New York, a grassroots ground swell made up of unified citizenry (both conservative and progressives) against the proposed Northeast Energy Direct Pipeline has been building and expanding and merging with other grassroots efforts, to cover all Unconventional Natural Gas Development (UNGD) projects…

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