Fracking And Its Effects On The Environment Essay

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Fracking, also known as hydraulic fracturing, is a type of drilling that uses water, sand and chemicals, shot at high pressure, to release energy resources trapped inside rocks. This recently new technology for drilling allows areas that were previously inaccessible for drilling, like very concentrated rocky areas, to now be opened up through fracking to obtain natural gases and oil. The water solution used with this drilling technique produces almost the same amount of “sludge” as an after effect. This sludge is disposed by either pumping it down a different hole in the ground, or leaving it in a “frack pond”, that will be covered with dirt after becoming full. When hydraulic fracturing was first applied, its process was achieved with the use of liquid nitroglycerin, a very volatile and dangerous substance. Liquid Nitroglycerin is no longer used with fracking, however, now a new myriad of chemicals and additives are used, including diesel fuel. Although hydraulic fracturing provides economic and employment growth for the US, it’s dangerous use of chemicals and unregulated practices have already caused an undeniable impact to the health of people and our environment.
Hydraulic fracturing has helped the job market tremendously since its growing popularity in the last several years. Every state that has allowed hydraulic fracturing has seen employment and financial benefits. “According to National Resources Economics, Inc.,” if the Marcellus shale formation located in…

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