Fracking : An Unethical Technique For Oil And Natural Gas Recovery From Shale Beds

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Hydraulic Fracturing, also known as fracking, has been debated as being an irresponsible technique for oil and natural gas recovery from shale beds in the earth. Some environmentalists have made claims that hydraulic fracturing practices employed by oil and gas drilling companies have caused ground water contamination, leakage of methane gas into the atmosphere, and even claims that fracking can increase the chance of an earthquake taking place (Loki 8). An industry so large as oil and gas that can have an impact on the environment from small scale to large scale, Deep Water Horizon incident in the Gulf of Mexico, are under federal regulations from entities like Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and others more specific to oil and gas like Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE), even states have their own regulations set into place for drilling rigs to protect local environments. With many regulations and safety procedures in place that drilling companies must abide by, hydraulic fracturing can be done responsibly and environmentally safe. First one must understand what hydraulic fracturing in tales. Most wells are drilled straight down vertically to a determined depth to locate fossil fuels. The bottom of a well is not an open void filled with crude oil and natural gas that can easily be sucked out, like drinking water from a glass through a straw. The bottom of a well would terminate into a rock layer called a shale bed. Oil and gas will seep through…

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