Fracking : A Fossil Fuel Extraction Technology Used On Shale Rocks

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“Fracking”, or Hydraulic Fracturing is a fossil fuel extraction technology used on shale rocks. Oil or natural gas conglomerates will drill a well hole deep into the earth. Upon reaching the desired depth for resource extraction, the company will then alter the drill’s direction sideways by 90 degrees and proceed to drill horizontally. This sideways pipe includes holes that allow the company to pump water and chemicals, under high pressure, into the hole. This high pressure causes the resource containing rocks to “fracture” under the stress, and as such, releasing the trapped resources to be harvested at the surface. The pressure is released by burning the gases off while also gauging the richness of a well. Upon well depletion, the company seals the well with concrete. Energy independence is the largest benefit that fracking has given to the United States. The United States is now the largest producer of oil and natural gas in the world. By producing more oil and natural gas that we consume, we can ensure that no outside forces could hinder our energy supplies. This gives us a much larger sense of independence than a lot of the other countries throughout the world that must depend on strictly on exporting fossil fuels. This technology brings with it an energy boom. That means an increase in jobs for the local economies in areas where fracking occurs. Fracking became popular just after the 2008 recession; thus making it a financial lifesaver for many struggling families

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