Egypt Formation Essay

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Egypt, as one of the four ancient civilizations, has always been of great interest because of its mysterious history. Due to the limited quantity of archaeological evidence, conflicting theories have been raised to arguing the formation of Egypt. After reading several theories, I got some general idea how archaeologists determine Egypt formation through antique analyzing and building models. I also formed a personal view of how Egypt was united and will discuss the formation of Egypt in three main parts: specialized craft production, interregional trade, and elite administration. Overall, the unification of Egypt into a territorial state took a long period of time and was a multi-linear process.
By readying the article, “Lord of the Two Lands: The Origins of Dynastic Egypt,” I got some basic viewpoints about how archaeologists view the unification of Egypt from a more professional way. Bones, stones, graves, pots, and other debris are the primary evidence for archaeologists to explore Predynastic Egypt. Throne base of Senusret I was created about a millennium after the first Egyptian state took shape. However, it is the idealized form of Egyptians imagination of their state back far into the Predynastic Period. The god Horus and Seth were engraved on the throne base, holding one string that tied together the lotus and the papyrus which represents Upper and Lower Egypt (“Lord of the Two Lands” 201). Archaeologists believe this symbolizes the unity of the two lands. Many other stone engravings, such as the Narmer Palette, reveal
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Christiana Kohler talked over the formation of Egypt. Archaeologist Marvin Harris’ hypothetical scenario accurately and expressly described the state unification, “the more production is intensified, for example, the more there is to redistribute and trade, the larger the population becomes, the more intense the warfare, the more complex and powerful the chiefly sector (“Lord of the Two Lands”

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