Formal Training And Experience With These Individuals Essay

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formal training and experience with these individuals. The assessment administrator should be able to recognize clinical symptoms in adolescents, who the test was designed for. While administering the assessment, the person should make sure there is understanding in the questions presented, try to make sure the individuals are not just speeding through it trying to get it over with, and help them with an accurate self-report to make the tool more effective. The test is scored using an interpretative report including the validity information, personality patterns, the Grossman personality facet scales, expressed concerns, and clinical syndromes. The assessment report shows the Base Rate and Raw Scores side by side to indicate clinical syndromes and concerns needing to be addressed. (NEED TO CITE< MILLON) It is also scored as a personality profile explaining how and why the adolescent is likely to feel, act, and think the way they do. The materials needed to administer the assessment are: the MACI Manual, answer sheets, and either Q-global or Q Local software on any computer with access to the internet. The test is administered in paper and pencil form, CD, computer, or online. In order to gather the scoring reports, the test administrator can run the reports through the Q- global or Q local system to generate scores. They can also send in the answer sheets to Pearson and they will manually score the reports and send the information back through the mail. The test materials…

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