Essay on Forensic Pathology Is A Job Of Forensics

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Forensic Pathology is a job of forensics. It is the study of the human corpse to determine the cause of death and maybe even the particular time frame of death. A forensic pathologist would have to first start with the crimes scene investigation. He would wanna know all the surrounding of the corpse and the body position of the corpse. Every little thing find at the crime scene would be a very big help. After the crime scene investigation they would take the body back to the lab and they would perform what is called an Autopsy. An autopsy is a postmortem examination to discover the cause of death or the extent of disease. The autopsy starts with an external examination. The pathologist weighs the body, measures the body and notes the bodies gender, color of hair and the length, clothes, their valuables, and the jewelry. After that they remove the clothing and they check for and scars, tattoos, gunpowder residue, paint flakes or any other abnormalities. At times it may even be necessary to take samples of the nails or hair. Then if a complete internal examination is ordered they remove and dissect the abdominal cavity, the chest, and pelvic organs. An examination of the brain is very uncommon. Prior the cutting into the torso they do take precautions and they place the body on a rubber block and arch the body for better access to the chest and abdominal cavity. After they perform the autopsy they can truly determine the cause of death. They know everything they need to know…

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